The sitting room is large and spacious, it has a working open fire and two large sash windows with comfortable window seats.
The Bridal Suite
The Bridal Suite Bedroom
The Bridal Suite Bedroom - Garden View

The Accommodation

What's included in the Bridal Suite

The accommodation has been designed to be comfortable, spacious and to give you maximum privacy.

The Bridal Suite Bedroom

    This contains a king size hand made Italian four-poster style bed.  The mattress is also hand made and is a deluxe mattress to give you ultimate comfort.  Electric blankets are included in the colder months.
    The Bridal suite bathroom is en-suite and has a shower/bath and Jacuzzi with mood colour therapy lighting.  The bathroom floor is fitted with under floor heating.

The Sitting Room / Entrance 

    The sitting room is large and spacious,  it has a working open fire and two large sash windows with comfortable window seats.  You will have a fridge, kettle and everything you need to have hot or cold drinks.  Breakfast is prepared for you and then you are able to serve yourselves in  the bridal sitting room at a time that is convenient to you.
     The room can comfortably accommodate several people if you are planning on using the room to get ready on the day of your wedding.  We have full length mirrors and can recommend some beauticians and hairdressers who will come to the farmhouse to help you get ready.

The Dining room

    A spacious dining room is also available for use if you are using the rooms to get ready before your wedding. One of the main features of this room is our spiral wine cellar.